Lilith Rising Series

The Lilith Rises Series is an expression of Nancy Bocek’s core beliefs in human rights and sexual equality combined with her curiosity about origin myths. Lilith’s compelling story resonates powerfully in the face of increasing political, religious and social threats to the rights and ownership of our own bodies.

Allegory of Saint Lilith; Triptych, 2019, in the Lilith Rises Series, is a hagiology of Lilith, the mythological first woman and first wife of Biblical Adam.

The narrative depicts three points in Saint Lilith’s story: Of the Clay depicts her creation by God, Lilith Rising as she asserts her birth right and, at the center, Saint Lilith as she steps forward facing the wild winds of her unknown and unsheltered future in acceptance and control of her own life. In Saint Lilith’s raised palm is a vulva stigmata and beneath her feet are spikes: potent symbols that relate on many levels to our historical civilization and modern culture.